Ken F

For all you 355 owners who love your go karts so much, I have a simple mod that makes an enormous difference.

Get your shocks rebuilt from Delta Vee. I had mine done a couple months ago and it was like driving a 355 when it was brand new back in the 1990′s.

My 96 spider only had 9 k miles on it at the time and I was “shocked” to discover what a difference the rebuilt shocks made. Rob over at Delta Vee can do a core exchange so the shocks can be changed right out.

From a pure driving standpoint, the additional enjoyment garnered from this mod rivaled or even surpassed the MS Racing exhaust with Hyperflows that I did earlier. Anyway, just thought I would pass this on to other 355 lovers, It will indeed tighten the bond you already have with your baby! Happy driving!

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