Ferrari F355 Sport Suspension


Custom product, convert your original shocks to take advantage of sportier spring rates. We supply springs, helper springs, new monoball upper spring mounts and revalve YOUR shocks. This upgraded suspension is inspired by Ferrari’s Fiorano Handling Package. You send us your four spring/ shock assemblies and we’ll return a suspension that will make you fall in love with your F355 again!

When you check out, our system will calculate shipping and there’s allowance to include cost to return your OE springs.

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We will use either Hyperco or Eibach springs. This is a custom product, please call 888.407.5122 or Skype: deltavee for details.

Additional information

Weight 86 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 20 in


  1. John

    Impressions: FANTASTIC! This is the way the car probably felt new, if not better! So precise. The steering is noticeably more accurate and crisp. No difference in comfort, but the ride and cornering are more controlled. Difference between regular and sport is more pronounced, and I love the sport [setting] really tightens things up.
    Ferrari F355 Fiorano Handling Package

  2. Ron R

    So I dove Mark’s car under various conditions and speeds. I found it to be smooth riding and very responsive, well planted and stable at higher speed over 100 mph.

  3. Mark Brown

    I picked up my car from Ron’s shop yesterday and was able to put about 40 mostly highway miles on the car. It felt great — more solid, planted, stable. Certainly stiffer than before but still very driveable. I was able to drive one long sweeping entrance ramp at over 80 and the car felt glued to the road. No high speed twitchiness (although I wasn’t able to get it above 95 or so). Really nice. I’m going on a mountain drive next Saturday with some other Atlanta FCA members. They all have newer cars and haul ass so it should be a good test for my “old” 355! Can’t wait.

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