Bilstein strut (not shock) rebuild service


You’re pre-purchasing Bilstein rebuild service for YOUR non-damping-adjustable STRUT (not shock) (JUST ONE). Struts are more complex than shocks and take additional labor time to rebuild.

If you have adjustable damping shocks click HERE

If you’d like to schedule this service please call 888.407.5122 as soon as possible; turn-around time is at least 14 business days and can be as long as sixteen weeks (four months).

This service comes with our 90 Day Limited Warranty.

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McPherson Strut

McPherson Strut

Double wishbone, aka upper & lower control arm

Double wishbone, aka upper & lower control arm

Your purchasing service for your strut (not shock). If you’re unsure, a strut is used as a suspension locating device in place of the upper control arm; it is load bearing for lateral forces just like a control arm. Not to be confused with a more simple coil spring over shock. Struts weigh two to three times as much as a shock. A good comparison is the Honda Civic, sixth gen (shocks and upper control arms) vs. seventh gen (McPherson strut).

A strut takes much more labor to service.

“Basic rebuild” includes disassemble, clean inside, inspect for damage, new piston band, new floating piston seal, fill with Bilstein oil, recharge nitrogen chamber.

Optional rod guide replacement is $25 additional; the rod guide is comprised of a Teflon-lined DU bushing, new rod seal and outer rod guide o-ring. High-mileage shocks need this part.


Please CLEAN YOUR SHOCKS, labor to clean dirty shocks is $200 per hour.

Fee for cleaning dirty components: $100 per hour

Fee for cleaning dirty components: $100 per hour


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Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 3 × 3 in
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