Bilstein custom revalve service


This listing is for the add-on option of custom revalving your shocks, add this item to your shopping cart in addition to rebuild service. This item cannot be purchased by itself. Call 888-407-5122 with questions if you’re unsure whether you need this or not. Thanks!


This listing is if you want us to re-valve YOUR OWN shocks, either purchased from us so you’re adding this option to your order, or you already own them.

OPTIONAL: We spend extra time to force-match (pressure balance) your set; this means multiple adjustments to get the axle pair to match, hence more labor. Click this link and add this optional service to your shopping cart.

Return shipping fees included in this listing. Price is EACH, so you need quantity (4) for your car, two front, two rear shocks revalved. If you’re sending springs that will increase shipping fees, we will call you when we’re shipping for the additional carriage fees.

You will receive a final dyno print, if you’d like the before print please choose the “+pre-dyno” option. Please note, conventional struts cannot be dyno’d (they require a large adapter custom fabricated), but most inverted struts CAN BE dyno tested. Call for specifics.

YOU MUST INCLUDE CONTACT INFORMATION WITH YOUR SHIPMENT! We need your phone (mobile preferred) and email address!


Optional rod guide replacement is $25 additional; the rod guide is comprised of a Teflon-lined DU bushing, new rod seal and outer rod guide o-ring. High-mileage shocks need this part.

Please CLEAN YOUR SHOCKS, labor to clean dirty shocks is $100 per hour.

Fee for cleaning dirty components: $100 per hour

Fee for cleaning dirty components: $100 per hour


Additional information


Revalve only, New rod guide, +Pre-test Dyno sheet, Spring remove & replace, New rod guide, +Pre-test Dyno sheet, New rod guide, Spring R&R, New rod guide, +Dyno sheet, +Spring R&R

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