How Spec Miata Bilstein Shocks Are Tested Effects The Results

Bilstein Spec Miata shocks, full set, valved for improved performance

So what happens when your Spec Miata Biltsein shocks are impounded by the technical inspection team, either post qualifying or post race? Here’s a primer for what to look for when your dampers are getting tested and you’re sweating, not knowing if your championship finishing position will stick or you’ll be penalized as there’s a [...]

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Ferrari F355 track alignment recommendations

Ferrari F355 track alignment recommendations Thumbnail

The following is what I recommend as a starting point when tuning your F355 for the race track, this set up is optimized with either F355 Challenge suspension or my “sport” system for road cars or my “track” system for dedicated track cars: When setting up the F355 with the new (revalved) shocks and springs [...]

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Use Canister (Nitrogen) Pressure to Tune Shocks?

Use Canister (Nitrogen) Pressure to Tune Shocks? Thumbnail

Hi Rob, I have Penske doubles. I vary bump and rebound to suit the track, but I always set my canister pressure pre-race weekend at 150 psi. Are there reasons to change canister (nitrogen) pressure? [Always asking questions….] Peter You can use it as a tuning tool but first must wrap your mind around what [...]

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Set Corner Weights and Balance Faster!

Manual Incremental Ride Height Adjuster

What’s the quickest way to balance or corner weight my car? As racers, we all have that question, right? Introducing a time saving suspension component you’ll become addicted to for the final tune on your chassis, hitting that perfect 50%-50% cross weight setting that’s eluded you. It’s the Manual Incremental Ride Height Adjuster (MIRA). MIRA [...]

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Why Does My Ferrari Ride Rough?

Why Does My Ferrari Ride Rough? Thumbnail

By Rob Schermerhorn Have a few miles on your car? Are you a maintenance fanatic? Here is some more oil that should be changed, though depending on how you drive, perhaps only once every ten years. If you take your car to the track regularly, change the shock oil every couple of years or 2000 [...]

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BILSTEIN Equipped Teams Dominate the Podium at the Nürburgring 24 Hours Race

Team Black Falcon Winner

Poway, California (PRWEB) May 25, 2013 After one of the most dramatic 24-hour races to date at the famed Nürburgring race track, the five-time DTM champion Bernd Schneider and his teammates Sean Edwards, Jeroen Bleekemolen and Nicki Thiim steered their Mercedes-Benz SLS to victory, just two minutes and 39 seconds ahead of a hard charging [...]

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Lowering Ferrari 512TR, 348, F355, 550, Mondial T…

Lowering Ferrari 512TR, 348, F355, 550, Mondial T… Thumbnail

By Rob Schermerhorn Sometimes the least expensive modification is the most rewarding. Certainly, lowering your car not only improves appearance, but also performance, especially at the racetrack. You may not know this: your Ferrari is already built for ease of ride height adjustment, that’s where the low cost comes in. The procedure is straightforward. Before [...]

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What is Critical Damping of Shock Absorbers?

Subaru Impreza (GD) 2.5 WRX and ’04 Sti AST 4150 suspension system A 531 002

A Real World Example of Critical Damping guest post by Brian Hanchey, Hanchey Vehicle Technology © 2012 HVT USA Introduction This write up shows how an adjustable shock can achieve 0.5 to 1.2+ critical damping ratios with a turn of a rebound knob. The other day I was experimenting with the Evo’s spring rates and [...]

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Set-Up F355 Challenge for Racing

Set-Up F355 Challenge for Racing Thumbnail

(Conversation with Peter from Australia) By Rob Schermerhorn   The Inquiry Hi Rob, Since everyone is giving you such a good rap, I was wondering if you have basic setup information for a 355CH. No one in Australia knows a damn thing about them, and I’d LOVE to have a basic starting point for spring [...]

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Ferrari F40 Track Preparation and Modifiction

Ferrari F40 Track Preparation and Modifiction Thumbnail

Ferrari’s 40 year tribute to the company’s founder is my personal favorite. While the F50 may certainly be easier to drive, with superior cockpit ergonomics and wide, flat naturally aspirated torque curve, the F40 rewards the steady and practiced driver. F40’s do not simply submit to any driver; drive without respect, and it will bite. [...]

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