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Do you have one or more of the following problems:

  • Leaking shocks
  • Rough ride
  • Need to improve handling
  • Ride height too high for your style
  • Not winning races/ slow lap times

These are the issues we solve for our customers every day! We’re happy to chat with you

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Making an investment in improved handling takes research and learning… we’ve been all about guiding and teaching our customers for more than two decades.

Can we HELP YOU?

We represent, sell, and service some of the coolest and most “clued in” suspension manufacturers on the planet:

  • Bilstein
  • Inertia Laboratory (JRi Shocks and other proprietary systems)
  • Anze (Penske, Ohlins and other proprietary technology)

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About Rob Schermerhorn, Owner, Delta Vee Motorsports LLC, Kalamazoo, MI

Rob Schermerhorn - Owner, Delta Vee Motorsports LLC

Rob Schermerhorn – Owner

A twenty-year motorsport professional and safe driving advocate, Rob began his motorsports career as a race engineer in the Trans-Am series.

He progressed to managing racing operations for Lake Forest Sportscars, Ltd. and has collaborated with virtually every auto manufacturer as a pro-driver trainer. Rob has coached over 10,000 drivers, owned his own drivers’ school, and helps individuals learn how to safely drive the spectacular cars of today.

A Shock Absorber Specialist

As an engineer, Rob is a shock absorber specialist; shocks are perhaps the most misunderstood component on a car and rank #2 behind tires as the most important determinant of how a car feels and behaves when driven.

My goal is a satisfied and knowledgeable client.

Rob owns Delta Vee Motorsports, LLC, based in Kalamazoo, MI where he lives with his wife, sons and Labrador retrievers.

His Ferrari experience runs deep… “My favorite modern era chassis is the F40—certainly not the most refined—the F40 is challenging to drive quickly and will not submit easily to the driver, like an F50. It’s by far the most rewarding Ferrari as to drive it well is not only an experience but an accomplishment.”

“My goal is a satisfied and knowledgeable client, who relies on DeltaVee Motorsports as a key team member. Communication, quality and responsiveness are our primary goals in customer satisfaction.”

Rob’s a contributor to Pro-race Coach Ross Bentley’s SpeedSecrets Weekly newsletter.

Connect with Rob on his Linkedin profile page.

10590 West KL Avenue | Kalamazoo, MI | 49009 | USA