7 Steps To Finding Your Perfect Shock Setting


Did you install new adjustable shocks and now your lap times are slower?

Moton bump adjuster

Do a “shock scan”!

  1. Note current adjustment settings
  2. Set bump and rebound full soft
  3. Do an out and in lap
  4. Add bump in two click increments until “feel” improves
  5. Now add rebound in two sweep (or click) increments until car “feel” (driver confidence) improves
  6. Back off by two clicks or more when lap time slows
  7. Drive out/in laps for quick comparison (some drivers adapt swiftly to poorly handling cars, back-to-back comparison avoids driver input blurring the data)

Now do a longer-run A/B test with new shock settings vs the settings you started with.

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  • Johan Lundberg

    On a 3-way MOTON. What about Low dump, do it first or last? Low bump is very noticeable and changes grip and fell very much…

    May 22, 2015, 10:50 am Link
    • Rob Schermerhorn

      Low-speed bump can be set to your preference as you state it does affect grip, and feedback from tires. If bump is already withing usable range (per my blog post) then I recommend tuning corner entry and exit phase with rebound; however bump can work in this instance… so go for it!

      July 22, 2015, 9:22 pm Link
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